These days, Poland is one of the main aim for firms which are looking for new investments opportunities as well as ways for expanding their firm’ activities. Due to this, many international companies are looking for properties that can be used for different purposes in the field of business logistics.

It may include, but doesn’t automatically have to be limited to, apartments for rent in Poland or warehouse space in Poland. In both cases, there are a few common things that should be taken into consideration while looking for properties to rent on Polish market.


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To begin with, it is necessary to decide on what precisely is needed, read more: . The crucial factors which should be analysed include for instance the most practical location for the firm, availability of roads, railroads or other infrastructure in the region, and so on. With no previous analysis of such factors, the whole process of finding the most suitable property might be presumably extended for a long time. Consequently, the most important step should be to define what is more necessary – central location (e.g. in the capital city or another main city) or lower costs (in this case – property placed out of capital city but still meeting previously defined requirements).
Second, once all most important requirements are already defined, the process of “real” searching can finally begin. It is the moment when general conditions of renting various properties have to be checked. All offers that meet previously defined requirements and price range, have to be scrutinized.

Thirdly, when the most appropriate properties are already identified, it is a perfect time for negotiations. Each aspect of future renting should be carefully discussed and defined. This is important to clarify all these aspects so there is no place for misunderstanding in the future.

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Even though it is doable to get through the whole process alone, many enterprises decide to hire other companies which are specialised in providing this type of services. Thanks to the fact that they have an extensive experience in that field, it makes this process goes faster. Therefore, it might be worth to consider hiring 1 of these specialised firms to help go through the whole process – from the analysis of needs, until the final stage of signing a contract.